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Official conference platform of DINAcon 2020 Online

Wer sich heftig mit BBB auseinandersetzten will, kΓΆnnte dazu beitragen, die Software sicherer zu machen - einige Ideen hier: -- b76

Go Canada! -- Oleg

Shortlisted for the DINAcon 2020 Community Award

Let's work on this idea..

Easily and safely allowing data point contribution is something that others have been asking about too.

Join our Mattermost channel to participate in the discussion, or just add comments to the GitHub issue above.

Mozilla Hubs & Spoke

Create a 3D world of your imagination and share it!

Here you can find the open sources to the DINAcon 2020 Awards ceremony:

You can create a scene and remix at this link:

Additional background on our project is in

See also a bug report we raised on the Hubs tracker


The tool for visualizing Swiss Open Government Data

This app was presented and discussed during the DINAcon 2020 session on Linked Data. Find our notes here:



DINAcon 2020 Open Data Award winner

πŸ† DP-3T

DINAcon 2020 Open Government Award winner

πŸ† Eclipse Foundation

DINAcon 2020 Business Award winner

πŸ† JOSM NeTEx Converter

DINAcon 2020 Newcomer Award winner

πŸ† LibreOffice

DINAcon 2020 Community Award winner