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Basel on Wikidata

Update Wikidata (and with that also Wikipedia!) with current official data

WIkidata is an open database of facts describing the world. These facts are easily reused in Wikipedia articles. The challenge is to add official open data that is available as CSV on the web to Wikidata. We have a working setup for population data of neighbourhoods in Basel-Stadt, see the Github repo below and StataBS/quartierindex for an example app. There are many other open datasets that could and should be reshaped and uploaded to Wikidata.

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Get introduced to Wikidata if you're not aware of it already. Try the Query service, for instance with some of the Cities examples.

Visit to dig into the Open Data portal of Basel and extract some details on neighbourhoods and the population. Take a look at some of their example apps.

Once you have chosen the data to import, work on defining the structure of the data in such a way that a Data import process could happen. Do a test run using csvtowikidata.

fairelection 🏆

Tools for political simulation and stimulation

Winner of the DINAcon 2021 Open Community award. Member of the Prototype Fund.

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Try the online tool for political simulation, which uses existing data from past federal elections and get a feel for the platform. Create a user account and go through the process to define your first vote monitoring.

Try uploading candidates with the spreadsheet template. File any bugs or improvement ideas you find in the issue tracker (Contact button below).

Deploy the code locally. Do some security profiling or pentesting. Report the results to the team.


Run upstream VS Code on a remote machine from any device, anywhere.

The DINAcon Awards presentation was developed entirely using Gitpod, which enables developers (or any users) to spin up fresh, automated dev environments quickly. At the HACKnight, we dig into a range of related questions, from the Kanban project boards used by agile open source teams (see "The Toyota Way"), to estimating project costs using forecasting models (see Open Hub).

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Create an account and fire up a Gitpod by clicking on a sample project, like the one we used for the DINAcon Awards. Try a more sophisticated set up, with a build process like the one around docToolchain.

Define a gitpod.yml file for one of your own projects, or an open source project you would like to use with Gitpod.

Read the OpenVSCode announcement and deploy a local or self-hosted instance. Learn about the contribution process of the Gitpod project.


Empowers artists, designers, students, and anyone to learn to code and express themselves creatively

We are much impressed by the visuals of onebus at the DINAcon stage, which are partly (and very literally, with a LEAP motion controller) hand-made using Processing. With P5.js it is easy to pick up some basic code-art techniques. Commit to a regular practice, and pretty soon you'll be impressing your friends with your code-VJ skilz. Check out our Open Edu Days workshop, join us for MountainBytes, and look forward to a Graffathon in Bern next year!

See also:

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Sketch a few shapes, make a basic animation following a Processing tutorial. Just google it!

Load some data, add some interaction or even a game mechanic or two.

Learn what it takes to maintain, and contribute to the p5.js project itself.



Core packages of the COMPAS framework.


Event manager for local community events

smapshot 🏆

Crowdsourcing platform for geological data

TransparenZRH 🏆

Smart City Zürich. Digitale Transparenz im öffentlichen Raum.

zitadel 🏆

Identity Experience Platform