Fairphone Open

Hack a seriously cool smartphone that puts social values first.

“Fairphone’s mission is to bring a fair smartphone to the market – one designed and produced with minimal harm to people and planet.” The device itself holds an OS based on the Android OSP code provided by Google and updated by Mediatek. The Fairphone project has a dedicated homelauncher with some very specific characteristics, an App Launcher Widget, Peace of Mind Widget, Lock screen/Mood Changer, custom Updater and other modifications.

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Find out about the Fairphone Open project, deploy and compile a local build of the operating system into an Android Emulator - or if you have an actual Fairphone (or a cooperative friend), try to install a custom build on the device.

Use the Build instructions to get the source and put together your own local build of Fairphone OS. See if you can put the DINAcon logo into the lock screen, or make some other modification - use your imagination!

Visit the Fairphone Bugtracker to see the most actively discussed and developed issues, and contribute to the conversation - make a bug patch or address a feature request at the HACKnight!

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