Open source hackathon platform

Dribdat is an open platform for data-driven team collaboration, such as Hackathons. It works as a website and project board for running exciting, productive events..with Impact Factor. The platform allows organisers and participants to aggregate project details from multiple sources (GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, ...), display challenges and projects, reuse the data, plug in community tools like Discourse, Slack, Let's Chat, and chatbots to enhance the hackathon.

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Yes, Dribdat is the website you see running here. Just create an account to login, and add a project you are working on - or join an existing one as team member. Find out how projects are sync'ed and scored for bonus points.

About D R I A T

Deploy the application using the Heroku button, or your own machine from source. Or develop an application using the rudimentary API on this server. Report any new issues you discover, or sketch a feature suggestion.


Review the frontend or backend code. Respond to any of the existing or your own open issues with a Pull Request. Propose and document a change to the architecture, concept, backend - or report a security flaw.

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Projects in need of patching, ideas of things to start - put your thinking caps on and take part in an open source challenge presented at the HACKnight! Contact us if you have any questions, or add one of your own through GitHub or after logging in here. We recommend that every Challenge proposes tasks on several levels:

Level 1 challenge NEWBIE challenges about becoming a user of a product/project and learning the ropes.

Level 2 challenge INTERMEDIATE tasks for people with experience in the project and/or the technical domains involved.

Level 3 challenge EXPERT challenges will include things like security testing, performance optimisation and other advanced topics.

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