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This is a unique point in time and an opportunity to democratize application development. Unfortunately, there are no open-source tools available for this movement. This almost defeats the purpose: control and data will need to be trusted to a closed-source, commercial company. Let's change that!

README: The No-Code Movement Is Changing Who Gets to Be a Builder (Sally Slims)

Image: Nikos Vaggalis via i-programmer.info

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What would be your expectations for an Open Source No-Code Editor? Put together a list of requirements in a place accessible to the community, like an Etherpad, Code Repo or Issue Tracker. Collect your arguments and publish a blog. In short: let's identify key user groups and figure out what their needs are.

Collect some ideas and inspirations for an Open Source No-Code Editor! Expand on the list with links to existing related initiatives, closed-sourced approaches, projects which could be a good starting point, and interest groups which could be useful to the effort. Think about how a sustainable, long term governance would look like, e.g. could we start something like the Ghost Foundation as the basis for this endeavour?

Spend the night hacking on a prototype, and show the world (or at least our local open source community) a tantalizing glimpse of the possibilities in this direction. Extra pg marks when your no code engine is written in itself.


Projects in need of patching, ideas of things to start - put your thinking caps on and take part in an open source challenge presented at the HACKnight! Contact us if you have any questions, or add one of your own through GitHub or after logging in here. We recommend that every Challenge proposes tasks on several levels:

Level 1 challenge NEWBIE challenges about becoming a user of a product/project and learning the ropes.

Level 2 challenge INTERMEDIATE tasks for people with experience in the project and/or the technical domains involved.

Level 3 challenge EXPERT challenges will include things like security testing, performance optimisation and other advanced topics.

HACKnight 2019