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A "No-Code" Editor

Apps for the rest of us

This is a unique point in time and an opportunity to democratize application development. Unfortunately, there are no open-source tools available for this movement. This almost defeats the purpose: control and data will need to be trusted to a closed-source, commercial company. Let's change that!

README: The No-Code Movement Is Changing Who Gets to Be a Builder (Sally Slims)

Image: Nikos Vaggalis via i-programmer.info

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What would be your expectations for an Open Source No-Code Editor? Put together a list of requirements in a place accessible to the community, like an Etherpad, Code Repo or Issue Tracker. Collect your arguments and publish a blog. In short: let's identify key user groups and figure out what their needs are.

Collect some ideas and inspirations for an Open Source No-Code Editor! Expand on the list with links to existing related initiatives, closed-sourced approaches, projects which could be a good starting point, and interest groups which could be useful to the effort. Think about how a sustainable, long term governance would look like, e.g. could we start something like the Ghost Foundation as the basis for this endeavour?

Spend the night hacking on a prototype, and show the world (or at least our local open source community) a tantalizing glimpse of the possibilities in this direction. Extra pg marks when your no code engine is written in itself.

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