🏆 JOSM NeTEx Converter

DINAcon 2020 Newcomer Award winner

JOSM Plugin based on OpenStreetMap with NeTEx Conversion


A JOSM Plugin that converts OpenStreetMap data into the Network Timetable Exchange (NeTEx) format, which is a CEN Technical Standard that is represented using XML, designed for the efficient exchange of complex transport data.


  • Download plugin and place it to plugins directory ~/.josm/plugins/
  • Go to JOSM preferences (F12) and enable the plugin


  • Download map data into a JOSM layer
  • Go to File -> Export to NeTEx (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+N)
  • Choose the file destination
  • Wait for the export process to finish


Plugin is written by Labian Gashi.

Feedback is welcome.

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