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Update Wikidata (and with that also Wikipedia!) with current official data

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WIkidata is an open database of facts describing the world. These facts are easily reused in Wikipedia articles. The challenge is to add official open data that is available as CSV on the web to Wikidata. We have a working setup for population data of neighbourhoods in Basel-Stadt, see the Github repo below and StataBS/quartierindex for an example app. There are many other open datasets that could and should be reshaped and uploaded to Wikidata.

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Get introduced to Wikidata if you're not aware of it already. Try the Query service, for instance with some of the Cities examples.

Visit to dig into the Open Data portal of Basel and extract some details on neighbourhoods and the population. Take a look at some of their example apps.

Once you have chosen the data to import, work on defining the structure of the data in such a way that a Data import process could happen. Do a test run using csvtowikidata.


Installation and usage

Install all needed dependencies using pip:

pip install -r requirements.txt

After the installation you can run the script:



It is recommended to install the flake8 pre-commit-hook:

flake8 --install-hook

Affected items on WikiData

* [Altstadt Grossbasel](
* [Vorstädte]( 
* [Am Ring](
* [Breite](
* [St. Alban](
* [Gundeldingen]( 
* [Bruderholz](
* [Bachletten]( 
* [Gotthelf](
* [Iselin]( 
* [St. Johann](
* [Altstadt Kleinbasel](
* [Clara](
* [Wettstein](
* [Hirzbrunnen](
* [Rosental](
* [Matthäus](
* [Klybeck](
* [Kleinhüningen](
* [Riehen](
* [Bettingen](
* [Basel](
* [Basel-Stadt](
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Repository updated

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