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dependency -> leepmotion sdk 2.3.1

simple inmplementation of the LM Library by nok https://github.com/nok/leap-motion-processing

grab and move around a textured sphere swipe to spin

press 'r' to reset spinning press 'b' to toggle background

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We are much impressed by the visuals of onebus at the DINAcon stage, which are partly (and very literally, with a LEAP motion controller) hand-made using Processing. With P5.js it is easy to pick up some basic code-art techniques. Commit to a regular practice, and pretty soon you'll be impressing your friends with your code-VJ skilz. Check out our Open Edu Days workshop, join us for MountainBytes, and look forward to a Graffathon in Bern next year!

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Sketch a few shapes, make a basic animation following a Processing tutorial. Just google it!

Load some data, add some interaction or even a game mechanic or two.

Learn what it takes to maintain, and contribute to the p5.js project itself.

Check out the results of Graffathon 2022 and sign up for upcoming events like it on the Echtzeit website.

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Asked Bänz for the source code. Processing rocks, especially when projection-mapped.

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