OSS Benchmark

Tracking the institutions and activity of local open source projects

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Generate data

using docker

dependencies: docker or python

docker build -t oss-github .
docker --name oss-github-runner run --rm oss-github
docker rm oss-github-runner
docker rmi oss-github

using python

cd ./data-gathering
python -m venv venv
source venv/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt
python OSS_github_benchmark.py

Start Visualization

dependencies: node

cd frontend
npm install
npm start

Explore the data with jupyter notebook

There is a jupyter notebook that loads a pickle-file of the data. It's located at ./data-gathering/github-data.pickle


git subtree push --prefix data-gathering prod master

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On social media, events, and projects like the OSS Benchmark and OSS Directory, our community has important discussions about how we track source publications, evaluate quantity vs. quality, and verify responsibility.

Discover the range and breadth of the open source community at OSS Benchmark. Does it correlate to what you hear and see at DINAcon? Are any important institutions missing? Explore the accounts and repositories, look at their statistics, and collect some ideas of how this kind of data could be used.

This challenge builds on the discussion at DINAcon 2019:

Open Source Heros
HACKnight 2019 Ask

Publish your code & wait for the octocats

😻 Follow the Institute for Public Sector Transformation on GitHub.

{ hacknight challenges }

A community run list helps more people get involved in tracking the situation. Contribute at least 1 missing institution or project to the OSS Benchmark by opening an Issue, or starting a Pull Request on github_repos.json.

Run the data we have collected through your favorite open source data visualization tool and see if you could add some compelling criteria for it, such as cumulative stars or commits. There is a tip here for loading data into a Jupyter notebook.

Install the project locally, get it running on your machine, patch some of the open issues. Perhaps you could write a contributor's guide (#163), or add support for another kind of repo (#145)?

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