Open source workflow & document automation with blockchain-based security elements

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It is a widespread challenge for individuals and institutions in Switzerland to better understand how digitalization in the form of workflows or automation can enhance confidence and productivity. While A.I. technology promises to dramatically expand our horizons, we need to be able to keep control of our data sources, and keep track of the steps along the way. Document-based contracts and archives are likely to stay a constant presence in our working lives.

Proxeus is an open source platform designed and maintained in Switzerland, used for more oversight over the way data-driven decisions are documented. It is based on well known components (LibreOffice, GoLang, Ethereum, Vue.JS) and has been deployed at other hackathons to generate certificates of participation, for evaluation or data collection.

For an introduction to the software and screencasts, check out the user handbook. The story of the project can be found in the blog posts. We also have a short slide deck here, and would be happy to demo it to you at the HACKnight.


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Create a user account on the sandbox platform. We will give you a link where you can create an account. You could install a Metamask wallet, which would allow you to use all features of Proxeus Core. Crypto-features (signing, validation) are not a strict requirement for using the product, but we can help you get started at the HACKnight. See the Proxeus handbook to learn more.

Once you have played a bit with the user interface, made your first form, template and ran a document workflow: think about a professional need that you could address with automation. Perhaps there is an API whose data you would like to retrieve, or a notification message that you would like to be sent at the right time? There are probably some manual workflows in daily life that you could replace or improve with automation. Or just come up with a random hackathon idea. Mock it up with a basic form and template. Share your idea as a Post on the log here or in the community Discussions.

Fork the starter node and get coding! Connect to your API to extract or push data based on the workflow. See the developer documentation and talk to us about good ways to get started. You will probably want to install a local instance of Proxeus on your machine, so also see the README for set up instructions.

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