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Florian Schottmann

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This is an automatic translation (DeepL) of a talk at DINAcon 2023. The original slides will be published shortly.

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Textshuttle's Federal Constitution DE-CH 🇨🇭 in Solidarität und Offeheit gegenüber de Wält z stärche!

24.11.2023 13:52 ~ loleg


24.11.2023 12:45

HuggingChat The Federal Constitution, autotranslated to Swiss German by Llama 2 70b

24.11.2023 12:45 ~ loleg

OpenAI The Federal Constitution, auto-translated to Swiss German by ChatGPT 3.5

24.11.2023 12:44 ~ loleg

Event finished

23.11.2023 23:30

Event started

23.11.2023 17:30


23.11.2023 10:55

Repository updated

23.11.2023 10:55 ~ loleg

Challenge posted

23.11.2023 10:55 ~ loleg
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