This page details the requirements of projects as they progress through stages of development.
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🚧 This is an idea or challenge description

  • The challenge is well documented, including links to data sources or contacts.
  • We accept this challenge, deemed realistic within the time limits of the event.


👪 A team has formed and started a project

  • We have a shared channel or working area for our team to speak and collaborate.
  • The team members are committed to working together for the duration of the event.


⚗️ Scoping research has been done and documented

  • A source code repository or shared folder has been set up and shared with the team.
  • We have better defined the achievable scope of the project, and have documented our basic intent.


🎨 Initial designs have been sketched and shared

  • Everyone on the team was able to contribute to the design and attach their ideas or questions.
  • We have used a wireframing tool, or just pen and paper, to sketch and share a vision for the project.


🐣 A prototype of the idea has been developed

  • This prototype was created by our team. Contributions from others do not include major functionality, and is less than 20% of the codebase.
  • We own the rights, use open licenses, or received written permission for all data, assets and software demonstrated in our prototype.


🎈 The prototype has been deployed and presented

  • A demo or presentation has been made accessible, and shared here along with the sources.
  • Every team member is thanked, and any third-party assets or software are attributed.


🚀 This project is live and available to the public

  • The results of our project can be obtained under an open license.
  • It is possible to contact the maintainers with questions and feedback.
HACKnight 2017