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Deploy the world's leading open data management system in one click

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The ckan-docker project makes it possible to quicky set up an instance with all the required services: an excellent option both for developers, and for small production sites. It also serves as a starting point to explore other containerization and deployment techniques, such as:

HACKnight Challenge

What are the deployment strategies used by CKAN administrators in Switzerland? Where is the community most actively working on making CKAN easier to start working with? What is the outlook on the next gen CKAN architecture, in terms of making deployment more accessible?

Install CKAN on your local machine using Docker Compose, following the instructions on the site. Hopefully within a few minutes, you see a nice little open data portal on your laptop!

Learn to add custom plugins to your instance. Test the docker setup by deploying CKAN to a cloud service of your choice. Consider and report on some of the technical barriers, like documentation or security issues, in your experience.

Write a "one click" deployment script for a cloud service of your choice. If it has something like an app marketplace, then publish it. Fork and contribute to open issues in the ckan-docker project.

ckan-docker is a set of configuration and setup files to run a CKAN site. The images are from the official CKAN ckan-docker repo.

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