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Welcome to Project Cactus!

"Is my favourite UI library accessible?" - "What UI Frameworks could I choose for my project that gives me a headstart in accessibility?" These are the questions project cactus tries to answer!

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As presented in the DINAcon 2023 talk by Stefan Barac and Markus Stolze

Key Learnings

  1. all people are disabled: Explanation using the example of age groups
  2. 99.9 % of today's products and services overload target groups
  3. this is cognitive load and what it means for sales and people centring
  4. how to combine physical and digital experiences to create inclusive experiences
  5. a11y tests the best way to stay solvent while learning if you offer inclusion
  6. two examples of systems that support the implementation of web accessibility

See also Bachelor Thesis by Mathias Lenz (autotranslated to English here)

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