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Als offizielles After-Event der DINAcon 2022 bieten die DINAcon HACKnights einen Blick hinter die Kulissen der vorgestellten Projekte und Initiativen mit die Möglichkeit, auf spielerische Art und Weise einen kleinen Beitrag durch Open (Source, Testing, Design, Finance) zu leisten.

Dieses Jahr werden wir etwas Neues ausprobieren. Ein kompakter DINAcon-Nachmittag, an dem wir Fehler und Funktionswünsche der Teilnehmer sammeln, gefolgt von einer Reihe von virtuellen Treffen. Die HACKnights beginnen am Ende des Hauptprogramms und laufen eine Woche lang. Die HACKnight-Challenges werden vom Teilnehmer:innen vorgeschlagen, von der DINAcon-Team moderiert, damit sie zum Konferenzthema passend, nicht als blosses Werbung, und in Verbindung zu den Bedingungen unserer Veranstaltung stehen.

Inspiriert von offenen hackdays und hackergartens, laden wir Menschen mit allen technischen Fähigkeiten herzlich ein. Wir ermutigen uns, Probleme und praktische Aufgaben aus Projekten zu posten, die auf der DINAcon vorgestellt wurden. Alle relevanten und sinnvollen Vorschläge, um Open-Source-Projekte zu starten, zu verbessern oder zu unterstützen, sind willkommen: dies ist eine offene Plattform, fügen Sie Ihre Herausforderungen hinzu und los legen!

Der Startschuss ist sofort nach der offizielle DINAcon-Programm, alle Treffen werden virtuell stattfinden. Anmelden auf dieser Plattform oder per Mail, um eine Kalendereinladung mit Details zu erhalten.

Tag Plan Zeit
23. November Mittwoch Kick-off 17:30
25. November Freitag - Einchecken 14:30 Uhr
28. November Montag - Einchecken 14:30 Uhr
30. November Mittwoch Finish 20:00

Contribute to open projects in a fun, hands-on way!

The official after-event of DINAcon 2022, our HACKnights are a look behind the scenes of the presented projects and initiatives, and a chance to get started as contributor.

This year we are trying something different. A compact DINAcon afternoon, during which we will collect bugs and feature requests from participants, followed by a series of virtual meetings. The HACKnights start at the end of the main program, and run for a duration of one week. Browse the existing ideas, or add your own to the Challenges. It could be a bug that you noticed in the software, a feature that you would like to see developed, or a question or dataset that we should explore in more depth.

Welcoming people of all levels of technical skill, inspired by open hackdays and hackergartens, we encourage you to post issues and hands-on tasks from projects presented at DINAcon. All relevant and reasonable proposals to start, improve or support open source projects are welcome: this is an open platform, add your challenges and let's dig in.

The kick-off will be at PROGR, immediately after DINAcon, and all meetings will be virtual. Sign up to this platform or by E-Mail to receive a calendar invitation with details.

Day Action Time
November 23 Wednesday kick-off 17:30
November 25 Friday check-in 14:30
November 28 Monday check-in 14:30
November 30 Wednesday finish 20:00

Sketchboard at DINAcon 2022

Getting started

1. login

Create a profile to join or start challenges, and be invited to calls. Well defined Challenges should have clear starting points and goals. We use the 🟢🔵⚫ (green - blue - black) slope system here to indicate which tasks are at 🟢 beginner, 🔵 intermediate or ⚫ advanced level. At every Stage of your progress, you can get helpful advice.

2. drib

Vote here on time-slots, share news, and get support. Share your progress using the Posts feature, Sync your commits from a code repository, write a short note or join us on a call. Let everyone know how much you enjoyed working on this project, and what roadblocks you experienced. Just click "Write Post" on any project you have joined, or conveniently from your profile page.

3. share

Use the share links with the #dinacon22 hashtag on mastodon, twitter, ... Spread the word and invite your friends to check out your ideas. Update your Profile page to show your efforts to get validation and recognition of your contributions from the community. Attach a badge to your coder wall.

4. verify

Pick up a digital certificate at the end of the HACKnight. Send your feedback or suggestions about this event by raising an issue on GitHub, where you can also find some digital goodies, like open data & wallpapers.

Chat with us, open a GitHub issue, or write an e-mail if you have any questions.

Feel free to post your questions in any language. We are committed to maintaining comfortable open source platforms for our social gatherings, bound by the Hack Code of Conduct. Look for a calendar invite from us with the details after you create a profile on this site. The HACKnight Challenges are moderated by the DINAcon team, and will not be shared if they are inappropriate to the conference theme, spammy, or contradict the terms (see below) of our event.

All attendees, sponsors, partners, volunteers and staff at our hackathon are required to agree with the Hack Code of Conduct. Organisers will enforce this code throughout the event. We expect cooperation from all participants to ensure a safe environment for everybody.

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