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The association Wir lernen weiter (wLw for short) collects laptops from all over Switzerland, professionally refurbishes them, and then passes them on to people affected by poverty throughout the country. This is done through a large network of partners, who check the financial situation of the inquirer, and orders the laptops accordingly. People who need a laptop can contact the association via the website.

The basic situation is described on a form, for example, whether or not the person receives one receives social welfare or not. Depending on the combination of these questions, you will then receive a link, on which a map appears, which shows the partners for the respective situation. In the context of this concept, only the partners that are active in the social welfare context are discussed. On this map you can see all the municipalities in Switzerland and further information, where to contact and if the municipality is already part of wLw or not.

We could use your help in improving this part of our service. For more information on how to get involved, support or join the association, visit our website.

💸 Donations: wLw Spendenkonto

💸 Support Zorin OS (Linux distro used by wLw)

wLw at dinacon

{ hacknight challenges }

Explore the current map of partner municipalities, get to know the project and it's extensive documentation (in the wikis).

Develop an alternative based on open maps, using the same dataset. See the request in the attached PDF for more detail. UPDATE: we are working on it, see README and LOG above.

Think about some other ways the open source community could support this project: from improving documentation, to maps of local Repair Cafés and Linux User Groups, to recruiting people in our community to volunteer some hours with users directly. By the way, wLw is looking for good techies here.

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Automating updates to wLw's partner map.

Contributed as part of DINAcon HACKnights 2022.

Run locally

make setup
make run-exporter
make run-map

Run with docker/podman

make setup
make images
make run-exporter-container
make run-map-container
# open http://localhost:8080

Glorious purpose

Thanks @bjorndown for your outstanding contribution here!

07.12.2022 17:21 ~ loleg


01.12.2022 11:34

Discussing deployment issues, hoping to go live soon :)

01.12.2022 11:34 ~ loleg


01.12.2022 11:04

Edited content version 32

01.12.2022 11:04 ~ loleg

Edited content version 28

01.12.2022 10:57 ~ loleg

Event finished

30.11.2022 14:00

exporter: make db location configurable, fix db schema.

map: improve readbility.

Update readme.

Add license.

exporter: use shape UUID as primary key, clean up.


28.11.2022 15:35

Repository updated

28.11.2022 15:35 ~ loleg

Amazing! Hope you can join us on Wednesday night for a chat.

28.11.2022 15:35 ~ loleg

Delete map/geojson symlink


28.11.2022 13:12

Making good progress, published at https://github.com/bjorndown/wlw-partner-map

28.11.2022 13:12 ~ bjorndown

Inital import.


25.11.2022 22:58

Great! How did it go? I've invited you to a Mattermost team and call on Monday.

25.11.2022 22:58 ~ loleg


24.11.2022 12:57

I will be having a video call with Tobias later today to get more insight into the problem/possible solution.

24.11.2022 12:57 ~ bjorndown

Joined the team

23.11.2022 20:47 ~ bjorndown


23.11.2022 13:03

Edited content version 10

23.11.2022 13:03 ~ loleg

Edited content version 8

23.11.2022 13:02 ~ loleg

Edited content version 6

23.11.2022 13:01 ~ loleg

Added wLw challenge

23.11.2022 13:01 ~ loleg

Event started

23.11.2022 13:00

Edited content version 3

23.11.2022 12:48 ~ loleg

Challenge posted

23.11.2022 12:47 ~ loleg
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