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In addition to encouraging you to cover #DINAcon on the Fediverse, let's learn more about running your own open source server. While the official Mastodon server is the most widespread way, more and more alternatives are becoming available. Indeed, every web application can connect to the distributed social network using the ActivityPub standard - which we recently added to this platform (dribdat) as well!

The sandbox

GoToSocial is one such alternative service, written in the Go programming language. For this channel, we have set up a sandbox instance:

You need to contact us for an account. You also need to install a Mastodon-compatible client, as detailed below.

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Install an application that you can connect your account to, and start tooting!

Volunteer to help moderate the server you are part of. Help to translate GoToSocial into more languages, test for bugs, suggest feature improvements.

Install the local development environment (see Readme). Look through the open issues on GitHub, roll up those sleeves, and help out with the code works. Support and follow the project at Open Collective.

GoToSocial is an ActivityPub social network server, written in Golang. With GoToSocial, you can keep in touch with your friends, post, read, and share images and articles. All without being tracked or advertised to! GoToSocial is still ALPHA SOFTWARE. It is already deployable and useable, and it federates cleanly with many other Fediverse servers (not yet all). However, many things are not yet implemented, and there are plenty of bugs! We foresee entering beta around the beginning of 2024. Documentation is at You can skip straight to the API documentation here. To build from source, check the file.

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